University Students

to Assist University Students

Photo of Group of Uganda Graduates

In 2005, 0.4% of the Uganda population attended University or technical school compared with almost 7% University students compared with the population in the United States. Attending University is an unreachable dream for most students in Uganda. We hear students developing their dream to attend University from a very young age in the Project. It is the promise of the possibility of going to University that keeps many of our students going to school even when facing almost insurmountable hurdles.

We have graduated 43 University students and more than 60 Technical Degree students in the Uganda Children’s Project. Our graduates include 2 Doctors, 5 Nurses, and 2 Speech Therapists as well as many Business and Computer Science graduates, an Agricultural entrepreneur, a librarian, a pastor, and three farmers. We have seen two Statisticians, an Actuary, and a Journalism graduate as well as many Computer Installers, Welders, Hotel Managers, bi- and tri-lingual tourist drivers, and Uganda’s first female Plumber. Jobs for our graduates include a Trainer for an East African Computer firm, an Obstetrician, and a sales manager for a world-wide corporation.

Costs for tuition and fees for University programs vary widely depending on the area of study. Typically, the annual cost runs $3,000 to $5,000 per year and lasts 3 or 4 years. Technical programs can run higher than University programs on an annual basis because some programs require students to purchase expensive tools and supplies. Many technical programs last only 2 years, though some last 3 years.

The need for University and Technical sponsorship is also tremendously large. Won’t you consider sponsoring or contributing to the education of one of these young adults today?