There are many reasons children need sponsorship from total AIDS orphans living with relatives who cannot afford to support them, to desperately poor families with too many children to support, to single parent homes barely capable of generating food for the family. Whatever the reason, there are literally millions of children in need of support. We know that we can’t support all of them, but what about those that we COULD support?

The cost of a year of school varies depending on several factors like the age and class of the child, the school attended, and whether the child has a place to live or must live in the boarding section of the school. Generally, costs increase with the age of the child. Also, we have an agreement with our sponsored children that we will keep them in schools that match their educational performance. A high school child who is performing among the highest students in Uganda could actually be more expensive to sponsor than a University Student.

If you would like to sponsor, please complete the form below. We will provide information about the cost of sponsoring a child matching the criteria you provide. Please keep in mind if you are unable to sponsor on your own, we can help you find a co-sponsor that will help you pay for a child.

Sponsorship works best if you pay a fixed amount per month. For more information, please complete the form below.

Some sponsors choose to endow a child. For example, one might choose to pay the cost to send a child to University with a single check. It is even possible to pay for a child from Kindergarten through University. For more information regarding endowments, please complete the form below and ask for additional information.

Please click here to see a few examples of the children on our waiting list.

If you would like to provide a one-time check towards sponsoring a child, please mail your check to:

Uganda Children’s Project Inc.
PO. Box 23331
Chattanooga, TN 37422-3331

Then, please fill out the form below.

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Based on current costs, a one-time gift of $3,000 will provide funding for a child’s primary education (kindergarten through grade 7). A one-time gift of $5,000 will provide secondary education (Senior 1 – Senior 6). A gift of $4,500 will provide funding for University.

A one-time gift of $15,000 will provide funding for a child from kindergarten through a University degree. If you are interested in endowing a Ugandan child or children, please go to DONATE.


Sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Please consider your financial situation before committing to sponsor. While your financial situation could certainly change suddenly making it impossible for you to continue your sponsorship, please do not start sponsorship without thinking about how long it will take for a child to finish high school. While some sponsors quit after high school, others go all the way through University or Technical School.