Small projects like ours are dependent on donations from people like you. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small. And repeat donations are especially helpful!

The Project accepts three types of gifts:
1. Sponsorships – Please click here for more information.
2. Shoes – We collect money all year and purchase shoes for needy children at the start of the school year in January. For more information about donating to our shoe project, please click here.
3. General donations support the work of the Uganda Children’s Project in many ways from offsetting unplanned increases in tuition and fees, to paying sponsorship fees when a sponsor forgets, to helping with operating emergencies.

If you would like to make a general donation, you can do so by check or online:

Donate by check

Please fill out the form below and mail the check to:
Uganda Children’s Project Inc.
PO. Box 23331
Chattanooga, TN 37422-3331

Donate via Paypal, debit or credit card

Please click the Donate button below:

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