Annual Shoe Project

Little Boy with Shoes

In 2003, we began working with a local factory to produce our shoes. This leather and almost all the other shoe components are made in Uganda. The factory also employs local people to make the shoes. The finished shoes are durable and well-made and they meet the standards of the schools.

We find children in need of shoes through Headmasters who are generally very sensitive to their children’s need. We also find that the sizing issue is all but solved when we can tell a headmaster, for example, we have 50 pairs of shoes for third graders, 25 for kindergarten, etc.

Finally, many schools require students to have leather upper shoes if they are to attend. The Project removes an insurmountable burden for parents who have many children in school.

The cost of a pair of shoes and socks is $20. Can you help children in Uganda with the small donation?

Your gift could provide an opportunity for one or more children to go to school or to stay in school.