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We Are UCP!

We find sponsors in the West willing to pay school fees for children from kindergarten through University. We also provide shoes to very poor children through an annual shoe drive each December. Finally, we help Westerners develop lasting relationships with Ugandan children through trips to Uganda.

In 19 years of operation, we have worked with more than 500 kids in the sponsorship program. The Program has produced 43 University graduates and more than 60 graduates from technical programs. Through the Shoe Project, we have distributed more than 7,000 pairs of shoes and socks.

We Assist Sudents with University Schooling

We Assist University Students

Even though her university admission scores were very high, Jacinta saw no way of attending University once she completed Secondary School. UCP funded all her University tuition and fees. Today, Jacinta is a sales manager in a large, multinational corporation.


We Need More Sponsors

Although there are many sponsorship programs operating in Uganda, our size allows us to provide a more personal sponsorship experience. And with an almost unlimited need for educational assistance from the growing number of AIDS orphans and cultural factors that make population control among Uganda’s poorest very difficult to achieve, the need for educational help is almost unlimited. WE NEED MORE SPONSORS!


We Buy Shoes And Socks

Many schools require “dress shoes” for students – both boys and girls. So in addition to providing protection from the harsh conditions the feet of children face, shoes represent a chance to go to school if someone can come up with the cost of shoes.